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ALSOFT, the one stop platform for IT related solutions

alsoft the one stop platform

The advancement of technology has changed the way we complete our day to day activity, especially regarding business. Digitisation has taken a leap, with which the emergence of IT solutions has increased bit by bit every day. And the importance of the IT companies has reached to the sky as well. ALSOFT is one of these companies, which is unique in its own way, aspiring to become one great software development company in near future.

ALSOFT, the web development company has introduced a diverse service range including software development service, mobile application development service, Logo designing service, digital marketing service, banner designing service and many more. However, we still establish web development as our speciality. And we would like you to know the advantages of web development services to enlighten you towards the right path of digitisation. The company now owns its own software Tactic ERP & CRM, which signifies that ALSOFT has bloomed itself as a fictional software development company.

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Web development company

makes a website dynamic

Web development contains much more than just the appearance of the website. The design of a website certainly needs to be attractive and effective, at the same time it needs to be easy to navigate and can easily be used by the least technically advanced people. Web development contains server-side scripting language and dynamic database along with HTML, JavaScript and CSS for building one website, which makes a website dynamic and also satisfies the users.

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Enhanced navigation system

With the help of website development it is easy to increase the flexibility of a website. Flexible websites make it seamless for the users to find and navigate the links. It also helps the users in finding their preferred content within the websites without having to waste much of efforts. As a software development company we make sure to add easy navigation to each of the software we develop. Making it easy for non-tech-savvy individuals to access those.

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Faster response time

Response time is one of the most important KPIs of a website. Response time of the website is referred as “the time to first byte” as well. More specifically, response time is the time that is taken by the browser to receive the first byte of transferred data from the server. Web development with effective measures can help in reducing the response time and let the users gather positive surfing experience.

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Enhanced security

Safety and security are two of the most important elements associated with digitalization. Making a website from the development approach helps effectively in enhancing the websites’ security. ALSOFT, as a software development company, makes sure to develop safe and secure software solutions in order to keep privacy and transperancy in check.


ALSOFT started its journey on 2010 as Web Development Company. The company used to provide web design service as well. ALSOFT has been able to transform itself as a fully-functional IT company. Unlike other IT companies, ALSOFT does not depend on one or two services rather has taken the assistance of multi-stream revenue generation. The range of services that are offered by ALSOFT covers almost every technical necessity of the customers. Major services of the company include ERP & CRM solutions, software development services, website design services and website development services.

At ALSOFT we believe that our customers are our partners and providing the partners with an efficient and effective IT solution is one of our major responsibilities. Hence, we offer a result-oriented and customer-centric approach for helping our partners to achieve their business goals. So, join hands with ALSOFT and have an unmatched experience of having an advanced IT infrastructure.


Software Development Company

Software development is one of the major services provided by ALSOFT. ALSOFT’s experts understand your requirements and build software just according to your needs. We provide you with a 100% of transparency during the entire process. Hence, ALSOFT has been successful in establishing itself as a software development company to provide IT solution to the needed audience.

ERP & CRM Provider, ALSOFT

ERP & CRM solutions are a must have in current competative industry. In this scenario, ALSOFT is bringing its very own ERP & CRM SaaS, Tactic. Tactic is a paid Software as a Service that is an all-rounder solution for your every business related needs. Integrated with more than 75 modules, Tactic ensures no error with the least possible effort. The Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management modules of Tactic includes all the required features, which deserves one try. Visit our Tactic demo site today.


Web Development Company that you never worked with before

ALSOFT has a renowned reputation in web development stature. Our experts have always been able to come-up with creative solutions to extreme technical issues. Hence, ALSOFT developed websites meet the client expectations and enhances user experience positively. As a web development company ALSOFT has become successful.

ALSOFT as an

IT Solutions Company

The phrase IT solutions stands for every resolve that can be implemented based on the IT related issues faced by an organization. However, finding several solution under one roof is next to impossible. But ALSOFT is here for your rescue. ALSOFT’s wide range of services include every possible solution that can be associated with Information Technology. Thus, you get everything you need when you join hands with ALSOFT.


Web Design Company

that delivers your expected service

ALSOFT’s web designing service is up-to-date and keeps up with the modern practices of web designing and makes it one of the best web design company. The company has been successful in establishing itself as a recognised web design company as well. Browse our web design portfolio to know more about our quality design services.

Implement your SaaS project by ALSOFT's

IT Solution service

Another interesting service that is offered by ALSOFT is implementing SaaS project. SaaS are certainly very easy to use, however, implementing SaaS project can be something very tough. Hence, we are here to lend a hand and help you out with it. We use LAMP technology to implement your automated SaaS project seamlessly, that too under a very affordable price structure.



ALSOFT provides a wide range of services that are capable of meeting all the technical requirements of the customers. Our services are result-oriented, customer-centric and affordable, which only benefits the customers and help them in taking a step ahead towards growth. With the help of ALSOFT’s services it is possible to manage business continuity more professionally and with better infrastructure, which also establish us as an efficient IT company as well as software development company and web development company. Hence, considering the assistance of ALSOFT’s affordable and high-quality service will only prove to be beneficial for the clients. Take a bit of time to check out our affordable IT solution for benefiting your business effectively.

ERP & CRM Solution

As a software development company we offer developing ERP & CRM solutions, which allow you to effectively automate complicated and complex tasks related to your business with ease while taking up very little to no time.


Web Development

Web development refers to the process of developing a website from scratch. It involves creating the functionalities, basing on which the website will serve the purpose of its creation. ALSOFT is one of the very few web development companies, which offer technically advanced solutions.

Web Design

Web design is considered as the appearance of the website that can be perceived in internet. Web design requires to be attractive enough to gain the attention of the users instantly.


Software development

Software development is the process of developing a software from scratch along with all the functionalities that are needed to make the software user-friendly with neccssary efficiency and effectiveness.

Logo Design

Strengthening the identity of a company can be conducted by designing a unique logo, which helps the company in standing out among its competitors while attracting the potential customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the activity of promoting brands, companies, products, or services within the digital space via websites or social media platforms, which makes marketing easy and effective.

Mobile App Design

Mobile app designing is associated with the process of designing the a mobile application with all the needed functionalities while making it easy to use in any kind of mobile device.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce development is the process of developing an E-commerce website by matching all the requirements while keeping the targeted audience in mind.



Our portfolio reflects our business goals, achievements, and our methodology to help us in acquiring the title of one of the most result-oriented IT companies. You can visit the links below to witness the vastness that ALSOFT's porfolio encompasses. Get to know ALSOFT already.

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Mahadeb Roy

I had a finance script which was too complex to customize. I lost almost three months by two companies. They took my project and could not complete as the coding structure is hard. Their engineers could not do my job and they returned. Luckily I hard about ALSOFT from a friend.... Read More.

3 weeks ago

ALSOFT has surpassed my expectation, not in terms of understanding my requirement & working on the highest benchmark of perfectionism, but they have also created an image of round the clock customer support. The software development team of the company has provided ground.... Read more.

1 weeks ago
Anindya Mukherjee

I Generally do not provide 5 star reviews as I believe there is always some scope of improvement but ALSOFT has taken the technology and professionalism to the next level. Each and every member of the organisation is carefully chosen to be highly motivated and professional and the ...Read more.

5 weeks ago
Manoj Kumar Biswal

We were desperately looking for a company that could help us with the development of software that can manage and distribute the data, and then we came across ALSOFT. At the early stages, we thought of keeping a close look at each step of the software development but thanks to ...Read More.

3 weeks ago


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