Join Content Writing Internship in Kolkata by ALSOFT to help your career with a kick-start


Internship Description

Content is known as the king of digital marketing. Without proper SEO optimized content there is no way to get into search engine ranking. Therefore, content is a must and content writers are a mandatory inclusion. However, writing content for a website or a blog-post is not that easy. It is first important to learn the methodologies and then proceed. And to teach the mythologies of content writing, ALSOFT is offering content writing internship program. Content writing Internship for freshers is one of the most lucrative Internships offered by ALSOFT. So, if you have a penchant for doing web research & produce content that is hard-hitting as well as sensible, you are quite in demand in the IT industry. As a content writer, you are supposed to have impeccable grammar, ability to understand different kinds of topics and of course, a lucid writing style that can keep the readers engaged. Hence, grab the opportunity of content writing internship in Kolkata now and help yourself in building a successful career in the niche.

Internship position

Position: Content writer

Role: Planning and preparing content(Internship + Full-Time/Part-Time)

Duration of Internship: 3 Months

Content Writing Internship benefits

  • The company will provide you with an internship certificate after successful completion of the internship.
  • Evaluation of the internship will be performed with the help of marking system, which will be helpful to the candidates for their career ahead.
  • If any candidate performs excellent, they may get offer letter from us.
  • We will provide you with our reference that can work for you while getting a position in another organization.

Skills you can develop

ALSOFT's content writing internship can help you in developing the skills of:

  • Strong writing capabilities with unique and off-beat topics.
  • Immense knowledge in English grammar
  • Planning and writing content according to topics belonging from different industries
  • Ability to think differently
  • Enhanced research skill
  • Ability to communicate with team


ALSOFT has a vast content writing portfolio. The company owns its very own article writing platform that offers a vast audience to grow with. Hence, joining content writing internship at ALSOFT means, gaining the opportunity of showcasing your writing talent with avid readers. So, why don’t you apply now to take a step forward to your successful content writing career.

Our Company Values

You’ll see these in action if we’re lucky enough to have you:

  • Honesty : Honesty strengthens the relationship between us and our clients as well as the relationship with our employees.
  • Trust :Trust works like a bridge that connect ALSOFT and the clients.
  • Integrity : We believe integrity is the factor that works like the immune system of a company and make it strong.
  • Value-centricity : We work for value and we stand with value. ALSOFT is all about value-centricity.


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