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PHP Web Development

We offer PHP web development, which offers creating dynamic content and interact with databases. PHP is primarily a “server-side scripting language” which is known for its simple maintenance, flexible features and high performance. Our service of PHP web development is associated with using PHP at its best and implement it for creating a well-responsive website.

CMS Web Development
CMS Web Development

We are the very few web development companies that offer a CMS custom web development service. We can develop effective and efficient systems that will manage your contents within a safe, secure, easily accessible and simply manageable interface. We also provide services for integrating CMS systems in your ERP software for your convenience.

Web Portal Development
Web Portal Development

Our web portal development service is associated with creating some useful, safe and secure as well as personalized point of access in accordance to specific users’ needs. Our website development service come under a very affordable price, which will leave you spell bound, check it out now.

3rd Party api Integration
3rd Party api Integration

Our 3rd party API integration service helps in establishing and strengthening the integration that persist between your business application or web service and the third party API power.

Wordpress Web Development
Wordpress Web Development

For helping you further with your CMS, we offer a WordPress development service as well. We take the full responsibility of your WordPress and make it ready to use within the provided deadline.

Magento Web Development
Magento Web Development

Magento is an open source web development service that needs to be developed before being used. ALSOFT, the website development company, does the task of development on behalf of you and make Magento ready to use.

Joomla Web Development
Joomla Web Development

Joomla is one of the most popular content management system, which requires to be developed as well. ALSOFT’s website development services helps you in developing Joomla for managing contents effectively.

Open Cart Development
Open Cart Development

OpenCart is an ecommerce store development interface that is based on PHP and is very easy to use with a simple interface. We develop your OpenCart and make it ready to be used by you for your convenience.

ALSOFT’s Web development service

From the very start of ALSOFT, the company was recognised as a web design and development company. The company has been a part of the development team of several popular websites, such as. Therefore, ALSOFT excels in the task of website development and looks forward to prove their excellent service to the customers as well. We have appointed expert developers, who are capable of understanding the website requirements of the customers and develop websites based on their preferred features and functionalities. However, the websites that we develop possess some of the features that ensure the overall eligibility of our web development service. These features are described below:

Providing Expected Outcomes

Here at ALSOFT we offer developing performance-oriented fully functional websites keeping consideration of your business requirements to match your expected outcomes.

Web design that matches the website

Open Website Design That Offers High-End Productivity and Scalability. Our web development pairs with our seamless web design services to ensure a successful full-stack development.

Quality and Transparency

Assurance of quality and transparency during the web development service process.

Full Control Development

Full control development process supported by effective and seamless communication.

Cost Reduction

Websites enriched with highly advanced interfaces to ensure a reduction of website maintenance cost.

100% Authentic Solution

24*7 support for the delivered projects to help the clients in the time of their need, with 100% authentic solutions.

why choose ALSOFT for web development


Our customer-centric approach never disappoints you. With an impressive customer service system we assist you in achieving your business goals efficiently.


We provide a versatile range of service that meets most of the technical needs of business organizations. And gaining our services are super-easy. Only a click or two are enough.


Our affordable pricing range allows the small companies and the freelancing units to join hands with us and gain their custom web development services as well.


Our skilled developers are capable of providing you with unique development choices to make your website stand out among your competitors. We meet your expectations for custom web development services perfectly.


ALSOFT prioritizes safety and security of the clients. Hence, there is no chance of data theft, which makes ALSOFT’s web development service a safe choice.


ALSOFT never lets you down when it comes to the quality of a service. We do not have a single disappointed client and that tells a lot about our quality services. So, book your service now.

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