Strengthen your portfolio with the help of ALSOFT's Web Development Internship in Kolkata

Internship Description

The emergence in the need of websites for business growth has become a great driving force in the demand of web development job positions. There are a myriad of options available for a proficient, adept & adroit web developers in the market. However, in the race of experienced web developers the freshers are often left behind. This is why ALSOFT provides you with the opportunity of Web Development Internship in order to give your career a start that you deserve.
At ALSOFT, we believe in thinking out of the box which is why we would like all our potential & appearing candidates to deliver in line solutions for all issues faced and be ready to learn new technology frameworks. ALSOFT is a prestigious company that loves to experiment with its team as well as projects. We hate stagnation and like rapid advancement. Thus, we would like applications from avid thinkers & strong implementer who would not shy away from taking bold steps in taking the perfect shot at the client requirements. We hope to find the right candidate in time, thus are inviting all qualified applicants. We are looking for the creative and skillful web developers who can turn the imagination into reality. The advancement of internet and technology has opened the gates of the Web Development internship. It is a great opportunity for the potential candidates to grab with both hands.

Our web development internship in Kolkata opens the opportunity for all the fresh graduates to take a firm step towards their career. Here we will help you in understanding the importance of a positive working experience. Our web development internship for freshers is open to everyone belonging from a similar field. Even if you are a student and waiting for completing your graduation you can still apply for our web development internship for students program. 

Internship position

Position: Web Developer

Role: Developer (Internship + Full-Time/Part-Time)

Duration of Internship: 3 Months

Web Development Internship benefits

  • The company will provide you with an internship certificate after successful completion of the internship.
  • Evaluation of the internship will be performed with the help of marking system, which will be helpful to the candidates for their career ahead.
  • If any candidate performs excellent, they may get offer letter from us.
  • We will provide you with our reference that can work for you while getting a position in another organisation.

Skills you can develop

The skills that you can develop by joining web development internship at ALSOFT include:

  • Advanced software development skills using PHP, MySql, JavaScript and HTML while gaining excellent knowledge in LAMP platform.
  • Strong knowledge in MySQL database design and skills of writing optimized MySQL queries.
  • Idea of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept.
  • Know-how of constant contact and mac platform.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Critical-thinking skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Team-working skills.


ALSOFT is a fully-functional IT company that has gained popularity amongst its client and employees owing to its use of state of the art technology and out of the box approach, ALSOFT has been able to carve a discernible niche for itself. We have also taken an initiative to kick-start the web developer internship program which will provide a platform to Freshers as well as working web developers to join the program and learn the latest development happening in the field of web development. By joining the web development internship at ALSOFT you will gain a strong portfolio that will help you out in your future endavours. We believe in creativity and innovation and hence, we have always welcomed fresh talent for web developer internship in Kolkata, who are brimming with new ideas and thoughts; our web development internship for freshers program is an initiative to club together people who are willing to make a difference. Take the decision of your life by joining web development internship for students program at ALSOFT now.

Our Company Values

You’ll see these in action if we’re lucky enough to have you:

  • Honesty : Honesty strengthens the relationship between us and our clients as well as the relationship with our employees.
  • Trust :Trust works like a bridge that connect ALSOFT and the clients.
  • Integrity : We believe integrity is the factor that works like the immune system of a company and make it strong.
  • Value-centricity : We work for value and we stand with value. ALSOFT is all about value-centricity.


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