Join Hands with ALSOFT via SEO Internship in Kolkata

Internship Description

Search Engine Optimisation is made for optimizing the rank of a website, which means the virtual presence of a business depends heavily on SEO. Without proper SEO practices it is tough for a website to rank amidst heavy competition. And this is why digital markets and SEO executives are in high demand these days. However, SEO is something you need to learn while working. And this is why ALSOFT offers you SEO internship in Kolkata totally free of cost. At ALSOFT, we provide adequate training as well as resources to help you advance & grow professionally. Our SEO internship for freshers is tailor-made for aspiring and existing SEO professionals who intend to strengthen their position as an SEO specialist. Interns are provided with ample opportunities to work with the Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing teams as well as graphic designers, social media specialists, project managers, customer support team members & creative directors to generate effective & creative online solutions. Therefore, apply now to start your SEO career with ALSOFT already.

Internship position

Position: SEO Intern

Role: SEO Intern (Internship + Full-Time/Part-Time)

Duration of Internship: 3 Months

SEO Internship benefits

  • The company will provide you with an SEO internship certificate after successful completion of the internship.
  • Evaluation of the internship will be performed with the help of marking system, which will be helpful to the candidates for their career ahead.
  • If any candidate performs excellent, they may get offer letter from us.
  • We will provide you with our reference that can work for you while getting a position in another organisation.

Skills you can develop

As an SEO intern, you'll be learning how to gather, organize, classify as well as manage relevant keywords using multiple techniques & tools. Some other skills that you can develop are presented below,

  • On-page SEO management, including optimization of content and meta-data optimization.
  • Developing and implementing link acquisition strategies from multiple sources.
  • Discovering link opportunities via backlink research.
  • Monitoring and reporting prominent indicators of performance like rankings, indexing, backlinking and click-through rates.
  • Keeping track of the latest SEO techniques, best practices & strategies.
  • Aiding as well as contributing towards the latest online ad campaigns.


ALSOFT has worked in numerous big SEO campaigns and completed all of those successfully. Gaining the opportunity to be included in SEO Internship in Kolkata at ALSOFT means building your portfolio with the company’s successful project completion. Our internship program will allow you to learn from the professionals about various SEO strategies and techniques. ALSOFT's approach is one of those SEO internships in Kolkata that are totally free. Therefre, if you are a fresher and you are looking forward to build a successful career in SEO and digital marketing field then ALSOFT's SEO internship for freshers are the best option for you.
Apply now before the opportunity runs out of hand.

Our Company Values

You’ll see these in action if we’re lucky enough to have you:

  • Honesty : Honesty strengthens the relationship between us and our clients as well as the relationship with our employees.
  • Trust :Trust works like a bridge that connect ALSOFT and the clients.
  • Integrity : We believe integrity is the factor that works like the immune system of a company and make it strong.
  • Value-centricity : We work for value and we stand with value. ALSOFT is all about value-centricity.


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