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Various jobs offered

ALSOFT has this aim of becoming one of the leading IT companies of the world while providing job opportunities to a significant number of people all around the world. The best part about ALSOFT is that the company does not only offer IT-related jobs but also jobs from various other fields. ALSOFT offers jobs from different fields such as business development, human resource, digital marketing and more.

ALSOFT offers various jobs including HR manager & business development managers, web and graphics designers, content writers, PHP developers and more. The application process of ALSOFT is quite easy as well. The applicants don’t need to go through complicated processes, only filling the form directly from the job position page will be enough. However, do not forget to add your updated resume, to complete the application process. Our HR team will go through your resume and contact you.

The advantages of joining ALSOFT

The advantages you gain by joining ALSOFT

Working with ALSOFT means having an immense amount of job security. ALSOFT is never a supporter of over-hiring, which secures your position perfectly.


ALSOFT is a developing company. Thus, there is a lot of chances and opportunities for you to grow. You can be part of some of the most recent IT projects that will enrich your portfolio and enhance your skills.


We open our doors for everyone. There is no bar of experience when you are working for ALSOFT. We welcome both freshers and experienced. Therefore, if you have completed your graduation and been looking forward to start your career then you can apply right away.


You learn from the best mentors. Our capable supervisors are always eager you teach you. You get to learn the proper ways of working in a corporate while working at ALSOFT along with numerous work-related techniques.


ALSOFT has a big clientele. Therefore, by working with ALSOFT you can enhance your corporate network and incorporate that into better use in future. Sales associate job advantage that you can gain by working with ALSOFT, is certainly not something to overlook.


Build innovative products and services

ALSOFT is always ambitious when it comes to innovation. We like to think going out of the box, we believe not only in working hard but also working smart. Hence, being a part of ALSOFT will automatically make you a part of our innovative product and service building teams, which not only will enhance your experience but will also strengthen your personal portfolio. We will help you in climbing the stairs of success with an adequate amount of experience while you help the company in achieving its goals and objectives with dedication. Join us and make important changes in your career front.

Be a leader

ALSOFT provides you with an opportunity of be a leader and enhancing your leadership skills. Be the leader of our project teams and establish yourself as a successful leader while step towards the peak of success. Gain all the expertise of being a successful leader while contributing towards the growth of the company positively.

Job Advantages

Advantages of being an HR manager and business development manager

Human resource being one of the most important departments of a company, requires some of the talented and efficient managers to keep a company growing. However, as much as an efficient HR manager benefits a company, the HR managers are benefited as well. Choosing the career of an HR manager and a business development manager can provide you with a number of benefits that you might not know about. Thus, in this section we will point out some of the advantages of being an HR manager,

By being an HR manager, you get the chance of helping people out professionally in the time of their need. It is one of the most rewarding things to do while working in a corporation.
Networking is one of the biggest advantages of being an HR manager. As the work of an HR manager includes socializing with people. It is only common to come across a lot of resources that might help your career to thrive later on.
The importance that an HR manager holds in a company is something that can hardly be expressed through words. An HR manager does not only help employees out but also works with the legal team and finance team of a company. Hence, the company tends to rely on you quite a lot.
Working as a business development manager provides you with a lot of chances of enhancing your communication skills, research and analytical skills, and many other soft skills.
A business development manager has to work with both of clients and employees. Hence, they develop a better understanding of people, which can later be applied to understand the perspective of customers.

Therefore, if you are still confused over a career choice then choose the career of an HR manager or business development manager. The advantages of being an HR manager can be gained by you as well. Apply for ALSOFT's HR manager post right away and claim all the advantages.

Application for HR Manager

Application for HR Manager
Web and graphics designer

Web and graphics designer job advantages

Business requires a website and website requires web and graphic design and this is what increases the importance of web and graphic designers in the market. The need for web and graphics designers are never going down and this is why if you have a creative mind then you should choose web and graphics designing as a career. By choosing this as your career you can also gain the web and graphics designer job advantages. The advantages are presented right below,

Web and graphics designing jobs are not bound to a single industry. There is hardly any business and any industry that does not need the help of a website. Hence, web and graphics designers can seek job in any company regardless of their previous experience.
Web and graphics designers get a lot of opportunities of working on advanced tools, which keeps their portfolio updated all the time.
Being an exciting field is one of web and graphics designer job advantages. You will always have something new to explore. Hence, it will never get boring for you to work in the field.
You get to maintain a concrete proof of your work via your already done projects. You can always show your new employer a proof of your work anytime from anywhere.
Web and graphics designing is a type of work that requires collaboration. Thus, you learn to work in a team and get to know more about teamwork and team dynamics while working.

The above points are clear enough for the aspirant web and graphics designers to choose this as a career option. Therefore, if you are still confused you can take the chance and gain all the web and graphics designer job advantages. ALSOFT's web and graphics designer job post is open for you.

Application for Web or Graphic Designer

Content writer job advantages

Content writing jobs are currently one of the most popular and unique choices to start your career. Even a decade earlier no one would consider writing online as a career. However, with the emergence of internet and social media, content writing has become one of the most exciting things to invest your time in. Content being the most important element of digital marketing, content writers are now in demand. And there are a ton of content writer job advantages apart from the digital marketing part. We have presented some of those advantages below,

The worldwide network or community is one of the most effective content writing job advantages. The content writers get to collaborate with each other and that makes the network strong, which is certainly a benefit.
Content writers have a very large scope of researching and developing content based on that. Hence, they are the one to possess knowledge in diverse areas. This flexibility is hardly found in any other career pursuers.
As a content writer you gain exposure to various types of content, which makes you even more flexible and let you choose your career in any industry you like.
Writing content depends a lot in researching on various topics, which automatically enhances your research skills along with your critical thinking skills since you have to implement your research efficiently in your writing.
Content writing career has seen a growth in past few years and the market is yet to grow even more. Hence, choosing is as a career option will only prove to be advantageous to you.

ALSOFT provides you the opportunity of exploring yourself as a content writer with our content writing job opening. Therefore, if you want to gain the content writer job advantages apply for ALSOFT's content writer post right now.

Application for Content Writer

Content Writer
PHP developer

PHP developer job advantages

PHP is a widely-used open source scripting language that is used for web development and can be embedded into HTML. Starting your career as a PHP web developer is a wise choice as most of the website found on internet is developed in PHP. And not only that but you also get added PHP developer job advantages when you apply as a PHP developer.

PHP is one of the most popular web development tools. Hence, if you know how to work with it, you can be included in plenty of projects and secure recognition for a better career in future.
PHP is very easy to learn programming language, which takes a less amount of time to be learnt by the pursuers than other languages. Therefore, working with it and understanding it will be saving you a good amount of time.
The demand that the PHP developers have in market is one of the primary PHP developer job advantages.
There are a number of online resources available for training purposes of the developers. Hence, you will always find help whenever you are stuck in a project and that is certainly a great help for the developers.

ALSOFT is an emerging IT company that has opened its door for talented developers, which include PHP developers as well. Therefore, apply to ALSOFT’s PHP web developer position now to enjoy all the PHP developer job advantages.

Application for PHP Developer

Digital marketing and SEO job advantages

Traditional marketing is now considered to be out-dated ever since digital marketing has come in the picture. Digital marketing is the element that takes a product or a service to an international level and help the targeted audience to know more via social media or other platforms. SEO also holds a vast importance in everything. SEO guides the willing buyers towards the company website and works it ways on transforming them into customers. And not only these but digital marketing and SEO job advantages are also attractive enough to be chosen as a career. The digital marketing and SEO job advantages are presented below,

The promising career growth and the opportunities that you can gain if you choose digital marketing as your career option, is something hard to find in other traditional job roles.
Digital marketing is much more flexible then traditional marketing. You will not have to visit door-to-door to promote your product. You can do that while sitting at your office or home via online platforms like social media and websites.
You can build a strong portfolio with all of your achievements in this field and bag a great job with a great pay-scale to support your career even more.
You also get to build a vast network shared by other digital marketers and gain recognition within a very little amount of time.
No requirement of a particular qualification is one of the best digital marketing and SEO job advantages.

ALSOFT can be the perfect platform where you can display your digital marketing talents while gaining all the digital marketing and SEO job advantages. We assure your professional growth with every little step that the company takes. Hence, apply for our SEO Executive position by clicking on the link.

Application for SEO Executive

Sales associate

Sales associate job advantages

Working as a sales associate provides you with the opportunity of learning business as a first hand experience. It is one of the most thrilling jobs that you can apply for. And working as a sales associate at an IT firm is a bonus as you get to deal with a number of clients belonging from different parts of the globe. There are many more sales associate job advantages just like these. Some of those job advantages are presented right below,

You get to meet and learn from some of the best mentors in the field. You get to sharpen your communication skills, which will certainly pay you off in your near future.
Learning and sharpening negotiation skills is another sales associate job advantage that you gain by choosing this field as your career path.
You get to face and accept a lot of challenges that will only enhance your critical thinking skills and help you in advancing your career path even more.
Working as a sales associate means you are given constant feedback on your performance, which will help you in understanding your shortcomings and work on those better.

You gain all of these sales associate job advantages when you work with ALSOFT. Therefore, if you are waiting for a push, go ahead and apply for ALSOFT’s Sales associate position right away.

Application for Sales Associate

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