Terms & Conditions of using Tactic ERP/CRM and ALSOFT Products & Services

ALSOFT terms of use is an agreement that works between you and the company (HEREINAFTER “YOU” or “YOUR”). These terms and conditions of use are applicable for each of ALSOFT’s products and services. It is recommended for every customer to go through the terms and conditions before purchasing any of our products or services. The detailed terms of use have been presented in this article followingly.

1. Aim of the Agreement

This agreement aims to inform you about the terms and conditions that will be applied once you purchase any of ALSOFT’s products or services.

2. Acceptance of Agreement

The users need to be of legal age to enter into a binding agreement, which will later lead to the acceptance of this agreement. Please note that you will have to avoid purchasing our products and services if you do not agree to any terms of this agreement. Agreements can be accepted by directly using our products and services.

3. Description of Product(s)

ALSOFT offers a cloud-based ERP & CRM product called Tactic, which can also be termed as a SaaS. Our SaaS is an all-in-one interface that provides enhanced customer relationship management, vendor relationship management, human resource management, project management, product management, and many other features. As Tactic is a SaaS, you do not need to perform any kind of installation to use it. All you need to do is to connect to the internet with the help of an internet browser. You can use Tactic however you like after you gain access to your user account.

4. Description of Service(s)

ALSOFT offers a wide range of services comprising several business needs. The primary areas of our services include mobile applications, cloud-based services, content writing, database-related services, graphic design services, web design services, development-related services, and digital marketing. These services can be used for personal purposes as well as organization-related purposes. Connecting to the services can be done by connecting to the internet and accessing the services with your user account. Please note that you are required to obtain internet access and all the necessary equipment to start using your services.

3. Free trial

ALSOFT offers a free trial for the Tactic ERP & CRM system. If you are registering for a free trial then ALSOFT will make the free trial available on a trial basis until the earlier of (a) the end of the free trial period (unless the free trial is terminated by you earlier than usual), (b) the start date of paid subscription for Tactic ERP & CRM, (c) terminated by ALSOFT by its sole discretion. Please note that the data that you enter will be completely lost if your services are terminated by ALSOFT or you refrain from opting for a paid subscription. Your data will only be restored if you (a) purchase a corresponding paid subscription plan for the account associated with the free trial, (b) purchase an upgrade plan, and (c) export your data before the end of the trial period. It needs to be mentioned that facilities that are offered during free trial come without any support, liability, or warranty, to the extent permitted by law.

4. Users sign up obligations

You need to sign up for a user account by providing all the necessary information that is required to use ALSOFT’s services seamlessly. If you are using the services for corporate internal use, then using the corporate contact information for sign-up is recommended. Using the corporate email address is always preferred. By signing up correctly you agree to (a) provide us with accurate, complete, true, and current information. (b) accurately maintain and update provided information to ensure that the current information is being used by ALSOFT.
Please note that if you provide any information that is untrue, incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated, or if ALSOFT suspects your information to do so, then ALSOFT may terminate your user account and refuse any current or future use of services.

5. Restrictions on Use

Certain restrictions on use need to be acknowledged by you before you start using ALSOFT’s services and products. By agreeing to the restrictions, you agree not to,
(a) transfer services or make them available for any of the third-party, (b) resell the services without any written permission, (c) share your user license and let it be used by more than one individual, (d) attempt to reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile any of the services, (e) use third-party links without agreeing to their terms and condition. (f) post links to third-party sites along with their company name, logos, and other details, (g) inaccurately trying to gain access to any of the services along with the system of network they are associated with, (h) use the services in a way that it could harm any of ALSOFT’s assets, such as servers, computer systems, networks etc, (a) storing or sending material containing virus or any harmful computer codes with the help of services, (j) disrupting the integrity and security of the services by using it in a matter that is not suitable for it, (k) creating false identity in order to mislead someone with the help of services, (l) hosting, uploading, publishing, modifying, transmitting, updating and storing information that belong to someone else with the help of the service without possessing their proper consent, (m) using services for transmitting false and untrue information, be it written or published, in order to harass or mislead a person, (n) violating any national, international, local or state law, (o) using services for any benchmarking or competitive purpose, (p) removing or obscuring anything associated with the services.

6. Spamming and Illegal Activities

While agreeing to use ALSOFT’s services, you agree to be solely responsible for the transmission that you make through the services. The services can not be used for illegal purposes, and you have to agree to that. You have to agree not to use the services for transmitting abusive, awful, threatening, pornographic, obscene, vulgar, objectionable, offensive to religious sentiments, and racism-related, malicious code-related content. You have to agree not to use the services for transmitting mail that is junk mail, chain letters, phishing, or spam. ALSOFT holds the right to terminate your access in the case of any unauthorized and illegal activities.

7. Third-Party Applications

ALSOFT’s services can be integrated with third-party applications. It is important to agree or disagree with the terms proposed by those third-party applications. Please note that you are responsible for going through the terms of service and privacy policies of those third-party applications. You need to acknowledge that ALSOFT is not responsible for any kind of activities associated with those third-party applications. While we will try to provide you with advance notice, whenever reasonably possible, you acknowledge and agree that ALSOFT may, at any time and in our sole discretion, and without any notice to you, suspend, restrict, or disable access to or remove from ALSOFT Services, any Third Party Application, without any liability to you, including without limitation for any loss of profits, revenue, data, goodwill or other intangible losses.

8. Payment and fees associated with ALSOFT’s services

ALSOFT offers services under subsection plans, which can vary based on the duration of the subscription period. You can use your credit card to pay subscription fees that have a duration of less than a year. ALSOFT will automatically renew your subscription if you have not downgraded your paid subscription plan or if you cancel the renewal. Automatic renewal will be done by charging the fee from the last credit card used by you. You can also update or change your credit card details if you want the subscription to be made with a different credit card. You have to inform ALSOFT seven days prior if you do not wish to renew the subscription, otherwise, autorenewal of the subscription will be done by charging the fees from the last credit card that you used for payment.
ALSOFT can change the subscription fees of the services and change the use of the free services. Any changes in the subscription fees will not apply to your current billing cycle, those will apply at the time of the renewal. You will not be charged anything unless you are using a paid subscription plan.
Taxes, following the local, state, or national law, are more likely to be charged by ALSOFT. The invoices provided by ALSOFT will have the mention of such taxes. You need to agree to pay these taxes in addition to the subscription fees.

9. Privacy and Personal Information

The personal information you decide to provide is governed by ALSOFT Privacy Policy. When you choose ALSOFT’s services, it indicates that you have accepted all the privacy policies proposed by ALSOFT. Hence, you become responsible for maintaining the confidentiality associated with your username and password. You are also responsible for all the activities that take place in your user account. You need to inform us, in the case of any unauthorized use of your user account by emailing support@alsoft.org or by contacting us here. ALSOFT can not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

10. Communication from ALSOFT

The services that are offered to you may contain some communication from ALSOFT. These types of communications may include newsletters, product and service announcements, administrative messages, and so on. These communications are a part of using the services. You can unsubscribe from newsletters, but announcements and administrative messages will still be a part of the services.

11. Complaints

Upon receiving any complaint from any person as a part of your activities performed by the services, ALSOFT will forward the complaint to your email address. You need to respond to the complaint within 10 days of receiving the same. If you fail to do so we may take legal action against you.

12. Inactive User Accounts Policy

ALSOFT has the right to terminate unpaid user accounts that stay inactive for a continuous span of 120 days. In this scenario, all data associated with the user account will be deleted. We promise to provide you with prior notice of such termination and the option to back up your data. A data deletion policy may be implemented concerning any or all of the services that you have been using. Each Service will be considered an independent and separate service to calculate the period of inactivity.

13. Data Ownership

ALSOFT respects your right to own the data stored by you. Unless specifically permitted by you, your use of the Services does not grant ALSOFT the license to use, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, or distribute anything that is created by you or stored in your user account for ALSOFT’s commercial, marketing, or any similar purpose. But if you grant ALSOFT permission to access, ALSOFT might make some needed changes.

14. Hosting Location

The location of the cloud facility from which you are served depends on your region or country to the available cloud facilities at the time of your registration. ALSOFT may migrate your account to a different cloud facility in necessary situations. You cannot mask your internet protocol (IP) address at the time of sign-up since your region/country is determined based on your IP address. If, at any time, your actual region/country is found to be different from the region/country in our records, ALSOFT will take appropriate action such as migrate your account or require you to migrate your account to the cloud facility corresponding to your region/country or close your account and deny the Service to you. If you are served from a cloud facility outside your region/country and an ALSOFT entity has an office in your region/country, apart from storing the data in the cloud facility assigned to you, we may store a local copy of the data in your region/country.

15. User Generated Content

You may transmit or publish content created by you using any of the Services or otherwise. However, you will be the one to be responsible for such content and the consequences of its transmission or publication. While using any of the Services, if you come across any content with copyright notice(s) or any copy protection feature(s), you need to agree not to remove such copyright notice(s) or disable such copy protection feature(s) as the case may be.
While using Tactic ERP & CRM, if you come across any content with copyright notice(s) or any copy protection feature(s), you need to agree not to remove such copyright notice(s) or disable such copy protection feature(s) as the case may be.
By making any copyrighted/copyrightable content available on any of the Services you affirm or that of Tactic ERP & CRM that you have the consent, authorization, or permission, as the case may be from every person who may claim any rights in such content to make such content available in such manner. Further, by making any content available in the manner aforementioned, you expressly agree that ALSOFT will have the right to block access to or remove such content made available by you if ALSOFT receives complaints concerning any illegality or infringement of third-party rights in such content. By using any of the Services and transmitting or publishing any content using such Service, you expressly consent to the determination of questions of illegality or infringement of third-party rights in such content by the agent designated by ALSOFT for this purpose.
For procedures relating to complaints of illegality or infringement of third-party rights in content transmitted or published using the Services, click here.
If you wish to protest any blocking or removal of content by ALSOFT, you may do so in the manner provided here.

16. Sample files and Applications

ALSOFT may provide sample files and applications to demonstrate the possibility of using the Services effectively for specific purposes. The information contained in any such sample files and applications consists of random data. ALSOFT makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, usefulness, completeness, or reliability of the information or the sample files and applications.

17. Trademark

'ALSOFT', the ALSOFT logo, the names of individual Services, and their logos are trademarks of ALSOFT Corporation Private Limited. You agree not to display or use, in any manner, the ALSOFT trademarks, without ALSOFT’s prior permission.
‘TACTIC’, the Tactic logo, and anything else associated with Tactic is trademarked under ALSOFT Corporation Private Limited. You agree not to display or use, in any manner, the TACTIC trademarks, without ALSOFT’s prior permission.

18. Warranty Disclaimer

You need to understand the fact that you are using the services at your own risk. ALSOFT offers services AS-IS-AND-AS-AVAILABLE basis. ALSOFT here disclaims every kind of warranty, both express and implied. ALSOFT makes no warranty about the interruption of services. The company also makes no warranty about the services being timely, error-free, or secure. If any material is downloaded or obtained through the provided services, that shall be your discretion and risk. No information or advice, whether written or oral, is obtained by you from ALSOFT.

19. Liability Limitation

You agree to the fact that ALSOFT will not be liable for any incidental, special, indirect, punitive, or consequential loss or damage, which may include loss of business information, loss of business profits, computer failure, business interruption, and so on.

20. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless ALSOFT, its directors, employees, suppliers, and affiliates, from and against any kind of losses, / damages, and/ fines and/or expenses (including charges and costs associated with the attorney) arising out of or relating to any claims that you have used the Services in violation of another party's rights, any kind law, or any provisions of this Agreement, or any other claim regarding your use of the Services, except in specific cases where the use is authorized by ALSOFT.

21. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

If you are a paid customer then the governing law and jurisdiction that will apply in case of any dispute or lawsuit, whichever arises from breaching this Agreement, will depend on your billing address and will depend on your billing address and your state or country of domicile in all other cases. Accordingly, each party agrees to the governing law (without regard to choice or conflicts of law rules) and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts mentioned herein in case of any dispute or lawsuit arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.

22. Termination and suspension

ALSOFT holds the right to suspend or disable your account as a part of the provided service if there is any suspicion of any illegal activity or in case of an extended period of inactivity. ALSOFT may also suspend or disable your account if there is a request by law enforcement or any other government agencies. If there is an objection regarding the same subject, then those should be made to support@alsoft.org.
Additionally, ALSOFT also reserves the right to terminate your subscriptions and accounts while denying you any services upon believing you have violated the agreement. Also, you hold the right to terminate your account if ALSOFT breaches the agreement anyhow. In that case, you will be entitled to a refund of any prepaid fees. Please note that the deletion of your accounts and subscriptions is equivalent to the deletion of all the data associated with it.

23. Modification of Terms of Service

This agreement is subject to be modified anytime when there is a service announcement or by notifying you through your email address. If any changes are made that affect your user rights, then ALSOFT will notify you 30 days in advance. You can terminate your use of services within 30 days of being notified. In this scenario, you will be entitled to a refund of any prepaid fees that have not been used.
If you have any further queries regarding the terms of use, you can contact us at info@alsoft.org.

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