Graphics Designer Internship in Kolkata by ALSOFT is a never-before opportunity to you

Internship Description

Graphic design is what makes a virtual element come to life. It plays a big role in enhancing the appearance of a website while complementing the web design. Hence, there is no doubt about the demand for graphic designers in the market. The work of a graphic designer includes designing brochures, paintings, marketing collaterals, logos etc. Not only the growth of technology has made it a growing industry, but has opened many job avenues for those who are passionate about this area. And this is why ALSOFT has decided to open doors for graphic designer internship in Kolkata for the freshers who look forward to build their careers and gain recognition in this field.
At ALSOFT we will assign you in recent client projects, which will help you learn more about graphics designing as well as its importance in business. You also get the chance of learning from some of the best professionals in the market. All in all applying for Graphics designer Internship at ALSOFT will only benefit you by taking the initial step towards your bright future.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduated from any academic background
  • Pursuing graduation

Internship Details

  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Types Of Internship We Are Providing:
  • 1. Full-Time Internship
  • 2. Part Time Internship

Internship Benefits

  • The company will provide you with an internship certificate after successful completion of the internship.
  • Evaluation of the internship will be performed with the help of marking system, which will be helpful to the candidates for their career ahead.
  • If any candidate performs excellently, they may get offer letter from us.
  • We will provide you with our reference that can work for you while getting a position in another organisation.

Importance of Graphic Designer Internship for Freshers

  • Provides the candidates with the real time industry experience and exposure
  • Helps in providing a better view towards career path
  • Enriches knowledge regarding the industry and the importance of graphics in marketing
  • Helps in building a strong and impressive CV
  • Helps in developing a professional network
  • Assists in learning company culture and soft skills

Skills you can gain

  • Advanced knowledge about Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw.
  • Creative and capable of coming up with uncommon idea
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Strong knowledge of industry-specific designs and current market trends
  • Agility & adaptability


ALSOFT has gained a positive recognistion in the area of graphic designing in past years. Joining hands with ALSOFT in the shape of Graphic designer intership for free at ALSOFT will allow you to understand the world of graphic designing even more. Completing intyership with us will not only enhance your postfolio but also make you confident about your own capabilities. ALSOFT believes in getting along with the people who have a natural inclination towards creativity & inventiveness and in order to harness this talent, we have come up with our graphic design internship program. A key feature of of Graphic designer intership at ALSOFT is that we also have a provision for those who are already working but want to hone their skills with new technology. We look forward to accept applications from fresh university graduates and students who are willing to learn more about graphics designing by joining our graphics designer internship for free.

Our Company Values

You’ll see these in action if we’re lucky enough to have you:

  • Honesty : Honesty strengthens the relationship between us and our clients as well as the relationship with our employees.
  • Trust :Trust works like a bridge that connect ALSOFT and the clients.
  • Integrity : We believe integrity is the factor that works like the immune system of a company and make it strong.
  • Value-centricity : We work for value and we stand with value. ALSOFT is all about value-centricity.


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