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ALSOFT believes that internship brings a lot of advantages to the candidates and help them in strengthening their career. ALSOFT’s IT internship in Kolkata program offers internship in diverse grounds, such as in IT fields, in business development and sales related fields, in digital marketing fields and more.
We take proper measures to help you in gaining a good job experience, an enhanced research experience, experience of handling different tasks with similar performance and more. Our mentorship will help you in gaining a clearer view of your career and the goals you need to achieve.   
ALSOFT’s IT internship in Kolkata program has been synthesized in a way that it fulfills all the importance of an internship. ALSOFT thinks of the interns and their career before anything else and provides them with the career solution that they look for. Hence, if you are a fresher or you are yet to complete your graduation then ALSOFT’s guidance might be what you need for now.
Join hands with ALSOFT today and look forward having a bright future in your preferred filed. 

Eligibility for internship
Eligibility for internship

Internship is a delicate matter as the start of the career of an individual depends on it. However, each intern is required to possess a minimum qualification to start working on the tasks assigned by a company. ALSOFT is no different in this matter. The candidates that are interested in ALSOFT IT internship in Kolkata need to be eligible in some areas. These areas are presented below,

The candidates must have a score of at least 40% in their last passed examinations.


The candidates must have a positive image in their educational institution


The candidates must be capable of commutating well with the mentors and learn with full concentration


The candidates must attend the internship regularly, irregular internship may harm the overall performance of the candidates.


Understand your career path

ALSOFT provides you with the necessary guidance that is required for understanding career path. We do not only mentor you but also help you in locating the ground that you have the most potential in. We suggest you different career options based on your interest and skills. Hence, interning in ALSOFT means building your career upon understanding the career path properly.

Gain proper job expertise

We ensure that you gain a proper job expertise that enhances your skills while you implement those to build your career effectively. There are several methods that we implement in our training methods to gain a successful result. Our successful methods will make sure that you gain a positive result at the end of the internship.

IT Internships Advantages

Importance of an internship for a well-built career

Internships work as the first step that one takes towards their bright future and successful career. This makes it important for the freshers to choose their IT software internship options very carefully. As an intern you need to remember the fact that the right internship can provide you with a lot of benefits while providing your career with a significant start. If you are still confused about whether to apply for an IT software internship or not, then going through the importance of an internship might help you in determining your choice.

An internship provides you with your much-needed exposure. It is to be known that passing with high-marks has nothing to do with work experiences. Thus, an internship offers you that experience that your college-course did not.
Via internships you can establish your own network and make connections that will help you in strengthening your career later on.
While pursuing an internship you get to learn a lot about yourself. You also recognize that you master or lack at. Moreover, you get to test if your career choice is right for you or not.
If you have started your career through an IT internship their you will not only enhance your technical skills but also a set of soft skills that will always be needed in corporates. These soft skills can include communication skills, time-management skills, team-work skills etc.
Enhancement of confidence is one of the most valuable importance of an internship. Your confidence is especially boosted when you complete a task successfully and receive appreciation from a mentor or supervisor.
well-built career
IT internships
Advantages of enrolling for

IT internships

IT has become one of the primary industries to drive the economic growth of a nation. The continuous advancement of technology has been attracting both wealth and talent. This growth of IT industry has been promising to the emerging talent of young generation. Most of the graduates, now-a-days, look forward to work with IT companies because of the opportunities that it has to offer as well as because of the high pay-scale. Therefore, starting career with an IT hub by joining an internship can only be beneficial to the aspirant techies. The advantages of an IT internship are presented below,

Pursuing an IT internship will help you in understanding IT in a better and more practical manner. You can also apply your knowledge from what you have studied and judge whether those are properly applicable or not.
IT firms are mostly about working in a team. Hence, when you enroll for an internship, you get the experience of working in a team under pressure and understand the importance of collaboration to achieve a goal successfully.
An IT software internship from a well-known IT firm will enrich your portfolio and your chances of getting job offers will increase effectively.
IT software internships are one of the worthiest ways of creating networks in the industry. Making a good impression with a successful completion of internship can be helpful in bagging a permanent job later on.
IT internships are one of the most easily available and beneficial options not only for freshers but also for the people who are looking for an option of career change. Internships can be the best options to understand a particular IT field and determine whether that can be a full-time occupation or not.
Advantages of enrolling for

web designing internships

There are a good number of web designing job opening in the market currently. However, most of the companies look for experienced designers over the complete freshers. In this scenario, freshers only get chance when they have an internship experience. Web designing internship has a lot more advantages than only increasing chances of your job. These advantages are presented below,

Web designing internship brings you the opportunity of understanding your own potential and creativity and apply that successfully in the course of work while working in an IT company.
With the help of a web designing internship program, you get to learn several soft skills along with the primary task of web designing. These soft skills can include, teamwork skills, time management skills, critical thinking as well as communication.
You get to learn the usage of a lot of new tools and learn to use those as per the industry standards.
Your performance will always get reviewed based on your performance which will automatically help you to be even better.
You can create your own portfolio with the projects that you have worked on during the internship and include your college projects with that as well. This will help you in standing out differently among other candidates in terms of job.

ALSOFT provides you with the opportunity of being a part of its team by joining its web designing internship in Kolkata program. At ALSOFT we will help you in learning and strengthening your career path efficiently.

web designing internships
software development internships
Advantages of enrolling for

software development internships

Software developer is one of the most demanding job roles in current market. If the candidates have talent and experience, then they are bound to land on a job with high pay-scale. If you want to be one of those candidates right after your graduation, then you should look forward to starting an internship already. IT software internships bring a lot of advantages for a candidate than it normally seems. And this is exactly why we have presented the advantages of software development internships below,

You get the chance of being included in some of the most recent projects, which will enrich your portfolio and increase your chances of getting hired in future.
You can understand the work procedure of an IT firm and gain valuable experiences from working on various projects.
The world of IT is huge and there are different departments in each IT firm. By starting a software development internship, you get to understand the ideal career path for yourself. So that you can choose the ideal one when it is the right time for you.
Just as any other internship, software development internship also provides a lot of networking opportunity to the interns. It makes finding an ideal job easy for them after the ending of internship period.

ALSOFT offers software development internship opportunity to every eligible candidate. With the help of our initiative of IT internship in Kolkata, you will be able to take a step forward to your dream career. ALSOFT will shape your today into a better tomorrow. Thus, apply for our software internship already and take a step towards the path of your career.

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