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Website maintenance is a very important activity and it needs to be performed with effectiveness and efficiency. However, performing this task without any error can be quite bothersome for the companies, which does not have a separate IT department. Keeping the consideration of these types of companies several IT companies provide the service of website maintenance. All the activities associated with maintaining the website are performed by the service provider. This saves the company a good amount of time and effort and provides a deadline drive service with rare chance of errors.


Benefits of website maintenance service

Website has become one of the most important elements that is associated with a business. However, just the existence of a website cannot benefit a business. For achieving benefits from a website, it is important to maintain the website effectively. Maintaining websites keeping all the consideration in mind is certainly important and can benefit a business. Website maintenance companies abide by the importance of website maintenance and provide their clients with an updated service. The importance of website maintenance is presented below:

Enhanced Security

If the website is storing customer information, it is important to update the website regularly along with security patches. Maintaining a software effectively enhances its security and keep the hackers away.

Keeping positive image of the Company

If the websites are maintained regularly considering all the important elements, it runs smoothly and enhances users’ experiences. This indirectly and directly impact the image of the company and lead towards a bigger and better customer base.

Helps in competing with competitors and Enhances SEO

Maintaining websites regularly helps in updating the websites with a new design and structure much more easily. This is what helps the companies in competing with the competitors in real time. Moreover, an updated design attract the customers more easily as well, which is certainly very much beneficial.

Maintaining website regularly assist in marinating and updating SEO related contents and measures as well. As Search Engine’s algorithm changes quite frequently, maintain websites allows to cope-up with those changes, which enhances website traffic. Enhanced website traffic gradually increases conversion rate and increases the profitability of the company.

ALSOFT’s web maintenance service

ALSOFT is one of the very few companies that provide the website maintenance services. Being an IT company itself, ALSOFT understands the amount of time and effort that the course of website maintenance require to be completed effectively. ALSOFT has appointed experts who maintain your websites keeping all the guidelines under consideration. Moreover, there will be no compromising with safety and security of your website. Our affordable website maintenance service with fit into your budget properly and help you in saving operational expenses significantly as well. Our web maintenance routines are provided below:

Weekly Maintenance

Checking if the pages are loading smoothly while showing no errors or not, making required updates that are associated with software and plugins, checking if the forms are running properly or not, searching for 404 errors and fixing them, looking for broken links and fixing those, running backups and storing all important data, implementing strategies to enhance SEO traffic.

Monthly Maintenance

Checking the load speed of the website and fixing if anything is slowing down the speed. Analysing website statistics and compare those to the previous months, scanning and reviewing all the security measures while ensuring an updated secure interface. Monthly maintenance can be quite hectic of a task. Hence, it is always recommended to hire a Website Maintenance Company beforehand.

Quarterly Maintenance

Performing a review of the website structure and the design and look for the area which can be improved. Checking all the graphics and images and update those as well if necessary. Reviewing the SEO contents as well. Testing the websites in all type of devices. Testing and tweaking all the popups, calls to actions and forms.

Yearly Maintenance

Ensuring that the website Domain Name Server is updated, updating the website design to match the current market trends, which will effectively gain the attention of customers and prospects. Updating all security measures and bettering up the website structure is a part of yearly maintenance as well.

Regular Tests

We also perform regular tests to ensure that the websites are responding well. We mitigate issues if we perceive any. You can check out our regular test plans for better understanding ALSOFT’s web maintenance service’s convenience.


We provide you with assistance in setting up your website as one of our maintenance task. Our website maintenance plans include the assistance levels as well. You can check our website maintenance plans and add assistance to your package for an unmatched website maintenance experience.

What keeps ALSOFT going?

Well Maintained Methodology

We maintain a specific methodology when it comes to maintenance related tasks. We do not do beyond the methodological steps and stages. This helps us in maintaining our workflow positively and provide us with success each time.

Continuous Innovation

We believe in out of the box innovation. Unique solutions to the most common issues help us in learn more through innovation and our innovative ideas keep us going towards the peak of success.

Extensive Research

We take our time to research, we do not hastily take any decision when it comes to technology. We initiate extensive research and look for the most appropriate solution of any issue. This is why we have never failed in any of our operations.

Practice of Review Collection

With completion of each project we ask our clients for their valuable reviews. Clients’ reviews motivate us as well as help us in understanding our short-comings, which we mitigate in the following projects.

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We understand you have to invest your time in structuring strategies for your business growth and maintaining a website is a time-consuming task. Hence, you are in a dilemma. Do not worry, ALSOFT is here to help you out. We will devote ourselves to provide you with an upgraded website maintenance service to ensure you can focus on the strategic tasks. We provide you with

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