ALSOFT Privacy Policy

Your privacy is ALSOFT’s topmost priority. It is only natural to care about how our personal information is being used and we assure you that protect your data with our advanced security system while using it to provide you with a personalized experience.

This privacy policy is designed in a way to help you understand the way our company uses your personal information for your benefit. We prefer maintaining a transparent relationship with our customers. Thus, we would like to let you know about the procedure so that you can choose to continue using our services without any hesitation.

Please note that this privacy policy applies to all of our services and products. However, this privacy policy excludes any linked third party. It is recommended to go through the privacy policy of the linked third-party sites as ALSOFT does not stand responsible for them.

Detailed information on our privacy policy is provided below for you to understand this aspect better.

1. Collected information

There are two types of information that we collect here at ALSOFT. The first type deals with the information that is automatically collected and the second type deals with the information that you choose to share with us.

When you visit our site, we automatically collect and store your information. A list of automatically collected information is provided below,

  1. How long have you visited our sites or used our apps and which services and features have you used?
  2. The ads you clicked on.
  3. The words you have looked up and the results you selected.
  4. The URL of the last web page you visited before coming to one of our sites.
  5. Your mobile device's geographic location (specific geographic location if you've enabled collection of that information, or general geographic location automatically).
  6. Your mobile device's unique ID number.
  7. Your preferences and settings (time zone, language, etc.).
  8. Technical information about your computer or mobile device (such as type of device, web browser, or operating system).
  9. Your computer's IP address.
  10. For app users, the online or offline status of Your app.

The information that you choose to share with us may include your name, email ID, phone number, credit card details (for billing purposes), and demographic information (age, gender, etc.). You may have to provide this information for the cases below,

  1. When you register with ALSOFT, you have to provide us with your basic details.
  2. You have to share your details including credit card details while opting for purchasing a service.
  3. You have to share your details while opting for a free trial of Tactic.
  4. You may have to share your details with us when you want to enjoy our special offers and deals.

Please note that not sharing important and necessary details may impact the usage of some of our services and offers. Hence, we would like you to go through our detailed privacy policy before sharing your details with us.

2. Using your information

Remember your personal information is safe and sound in ALSOFT’s hands. We only use your personal information to enhance your customer experience in the best possible way. We separate usage of information in three different ways, these ways are described below,

For products and services

When you purchase any of our products we collect your personal information for various reasons,

  1. For sharing your login credentials to start using your purchased product.
  2. For updating you with important notices regarding your trial period and subscription of services. We will also update you regarding the expiration of your service.
  3. Your credit card details are used for billing purposes but those information are always kept safely under our supervision.
  4. For reaching out to you during the times of emergency.

For general purposes

There are some of the general purposes for which we put your personal information into use. However, this is mostly to personalize your experience with ALSOFT. The probable use of your personal information is provided below,

  1. For updating with the latest news in the case of a new service or product release.
  2. For invite you to participate in surveys, discussions, and prize draws and ask for your views on our services via online surveys and discussion forums.
  3. For improving recommendations of services and products.
  4. For marketing, statistical, and analytical purposes.

Please note that we also use personal information in aggregate form (so that no individual user is identified by name) to build marketing profiles, audit how our sites are used, and help with the strategic development of our sites.

Participation in surveys and discussion forums is entirely voluntary. You may unsubscribe from being contacted for these purposes at any time. Survey information will be used for market research to improve our services. We will show your username on any content you submit or post on our sites.

3. Third-party usage of information

Sometimes your personal information is shared with third parties and there are several reasons to persist behind this choice. The choice of shared information depends on the relationship we share with them. However, we require these third-party companies to keep your personal information safe and confidential. A detailed list of third parties and information usage cases has been provided below,

Service providers

Sharing your personal information with the vendors can be necessary at times. We work with a handful of members who provide us with various services including voice transcription, email, messaging, and payment processing. All of this data is shared to enhance your personalized experience with ALSOFT.


Advertisers and advertising agencies are known for using tracking technology to collect information about the users and their online activities (for example, web pages visited, and searches made). General geographic locations are also collected for using that information to display ads to the users. By allowing the advertisers to access your general information, we make sure to improve your advertising experience with ALSOFT.

Analytics Companies

We allow analytics companies to use tracking technologies to collect information about our user's computers or mobile devices and their online activities. These companies analyze this information to help us understand how our sites and apps are being used. Certain versions of our App have an "opt out of Tracking" setting, which permits you to opt out of being tracked by third-party analytics companies.

Information we don’t share

We do not provide ad companies or analytics companies with your name, address, email address, phone number, or credit card information.

Aggregated Information

We may publicly disclose aggregated information about our users, such as the total number of our users and their overall demographics..

Legal Matters

We may disclose user information: in response to a legal request, such as a subpoena, court order, or government demand; to investigate or report illegal activity; or to enforce our rights or defend claims. We may also transfer your information to another company in connection with a corporate restructuring, such as a sale, or merger, or the event of a bankruptcy proceeding.

4. Security

With ALSOFT your information is always safe and secure. We use the best possible protection to safeguard your personal information from any kind of online theft. However, sending and receiving information over the internet is not completely secure in any situation. Hence, the information you are sending us is at your own risk. Nevertheless, we will try our best to secure your personal information and prevent unauthorized access.

5. Cookie policy

By clicking on “Allow all” you will accept ALSOFT’s cookie policy.

ALSOFT uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of the website. This helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and also allows us to improve the website. A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that are stored by your browser on your computer. Cookies contain information about how you use the website. For example, we use a cookie to remember which dictionary you used most recently so that it is automatically selected for you so you can use it again without changing the dictionary.

If you do not want your browser to store cookies or you want to control which cookies it stores, most modern browsers will allow you to delete cookies, block cookies, and change what cookies are stored in the future. Your browser's 'help' function should explain how to do this. However, if you use your browser settings to block all cookies, you may not be able to access all or parts of our site.

Some cookies expire after the end of your browser session (browser closes); to serve their function, some remain on your computer for a fixed period after you leave the site. An example of a cookie that is stored until you next visit the site is the cookie that remembers which dictionary you last searched.

6. User Tracking

When you browse ALSOFT, the site tracks your online activities just like any other website. The activities that are usually tracked by our site are provided below.


When you visit our sites, we place "cookies" (small text files) on your computer to recognize you. We do this to store your preferences and track your use of our sites. Many ad companies are members of the Network Advertising Initiative. NAI members allow users to opt out of being tracked by cookies. To opt out of cookie tracking by NAI members, you may visit and click on the "Consumer Opt-out" button. Companies may also be members of the Digital Advertising Alliance ("DAA") and to opt out of cookie tracking by DAA members, you may visit Finally, to learn how to remove cookies, you may visit these links: deleting cookies and deleting flash cookies. By using our site and products, you give us explicit consent to place cookies and other tracking technology on your computer or mobile device.

Mobile Device IDs

If you're using an app or mobile browser, we use mobile device IDs (the unique identifier assigned to a device by the manufacturer), instead of cookies, to recognize you. We do this to store your preferences and track your use of our apps. Unlike cookies, device IDs cannot be deleted. Ad companies use device IDs to track your use of the app, track the number of ads displayed, measure ad performance, and display ads that are more relevant to you. Analytics companies use device IDs to track information about app usage.

7. How Does ALSOFT Keep Your Personal Information Safe?

ALSOFT vows to protect the safety of all your personal information. In particular, provided your browser accepts Secure Sockets Layer encryption (if needed). We also try to protect your payment information against unauthorized access through a secure server. Where we use third parties to process personal information, we require them to ensure the safety of your information. We use appropriate security measures on our systems, but the Internet is not a secure medium and we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted via the Internet.

Any personal information that you voluntarily post on a public area of our site, such as a bulletin board discussion forum, or an interactive area requiring registration and/or subscription, may be collected and used by others. Please be careful what personal information you disclose in this way. You understand that we cannot control the actions of other users.

8. Privacy Policy Abuse

Any improper collection or misuse of personal information is in violation of this Privacy Policy and of our Legal Notice. Please report it by emailing
You agree not to misuse any personal information available on our Site or to gather it or use robots or other automated scripts, codes, or functionalities to do so.

We may immediately suspend or terminate your access to our site without notice if we become aware that you are in breach of applicable terms and conditions of use or of this Privacy Policy.

9. Changes To This Privacy Policy

Please note that these privacy policies are not permanent, we may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will always include the date of a new version so that you know when there has been a change. If you don't agree to the changes, please don't continue to use our site or provide us with your personal information.

10. Do Not Track Disclosure

Do Not Track ("DNT") is a privacy preference that users can set in certain web browsers. DNT is a way for users to inform websites and services that they do not want certain information about their webpage visits collected over time and across websites or online services. We are committed to providing you with meaningful choices about the information collected on our website for third-party purposes, and that is why we provide the NAI "Consumer Opt-out" link and the DAA opt-out link above. However, we do not recognize or respond to browser-initiated DNT signals, as the Internet industry is currently still working toward defining exactly what DNT means, what it means to comply with DNT, and a common approach to responding to DNT.

This website uses cookies

We use cookies to personalize your experience on our site. You have full control over the cookies you choose to share with us, you can manage those from your browser settings. However, if you deny cookies, some parts of our websites may not work properly. If you are worried about your data privacy, check out our Privacy Policy for ALSOFT’s assurance.