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Search Engine Optimization

Result driven SEO services get the best bang for your buck by generating the best ROI.

AlSOFT, the most progressive IT company in search engine marketing provides you with the best white hat SEO. Our SEO services are adorned with latest panda & penguin updates along with offering varied solutions ranging from issues with google ranking right up to tackling of an assortment of deficiencies. Based on what your goal is, we offer a variety of services in the search engine marketing space to help you & your business to stabilize and grow. The SEO we offer ensures first-page ranking & relevant, high-quality visitors to your site. The credibility of your site increases and your brand awareness grows manifold times. We also offer directory submission services which are an integral part of a successful SEO campaign.

Search engines like Google use different algorithms which are complex for determining the google ranking. Our proficient SEO services speak to these different search engines like Google, Bing & Baidoo in the language that they understand, so that they are provided with more details about the website. This helps your website to jump in the google ranking and ranking of other search engines.

Avail ALSOFTS adroit search engine optimization services now, for substantiating your dream of a brighter future.

ALSOFT's keyword analysis

Keywords Analysis is the crux of relevant & qualified traffic which helps your business to grow leaps & bounds.

For search engine marketing, the most important aspect is keyword research & analysis and we at ALSOFT realize the importance of it & our SEO services include a complete understanding of seed keywords, child keywords & queries which brings the visitors to your site. It checks what has been typed in the different search engines so that the SEO marketing team can better customize the landing pages. This keyword analysis helps in increasing the conversion rates as well as in optimizing the spend, website promotion and more.

We at ALSOFT know that keyword analysis is the skill which is integral for both PPC (pay per click) as well as search engine optimization. Using this tool effectively can help you & your website in improving the google ranking, getting numerous relevant traffic as well as in beating the competition. We not only analyze the keywords, but we suggest actions which should be implemented so that the best results & efficiency can be gained.
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On page SEO is the best way for better placement of your site on relevant searches executed on search engines.

On-site or on-page SEO is the technique which we employ to implement potential issues or problems on our website like site structure, navigation, internal linking, content etc. which our SEO service audits uncover. We address elements like the title of the page, the headings, the content as well as the organization of the content. We even address the structure of internal links, the best & most optimized descriptions & title, the correct URL structures, bread crumbs, user Sitemaps & friendly navigation, we ensure that the formatting of text is done and have image optimization.

Our search engine optimization includes recommendations for the landing page (which can be the home page or any other page) as well as other important pages on the site. We then use the findings to monitor the results & guide changes which lead to website promotion as well as higher search engine rankings. As a part of these SEO Services, we ensure that there are no broken links or links to bad sites, the content is fresh & there is google authorship verification done for each & every page. We make sure that the pages load fast & that all the pages are user-friendly.


Off page SEO will create an higher page rank, excellent CTR, engagement and at last conversion!!!

We at ALSOFT being a premier SEO company, employ techniques such as off-page SEO so that the SERP or search engine results page position improves. We do not exclusively do link building but have more website promotion methods. We ensure that your website jumps ahead in google ranking and your traffic increases. Part of our strategy involves social bookmarking & employing social media as well. This way we ensure that the website gets shared by like-minded people or by communities as well. This increases traffic, Pagerank & gives you more exposure.

We know that backlinks are essential & blog submission on various directories under the right category as well as a subcategory is essential and so our directory submission for your page in the right niche helps to give you good quality as well as safe backlinks. It helps you increase the exposure & getting review requests as well as paid post opportunities too. We ensure that we do not submit your site to the categories which do not pertain or are wrong for you as this will harm you in the long run even though the listings could be lucrative. We ensure that the site is submitted to the most appropriate as well as an accurate sub category. We do not spam the directory or provide wrong physical addresses. All this is part of our SEO marketing and the Search engine optimization that we take up.

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24/7 SEO Support

24/7 SEO support is always there for you to help you grow out & expand!!!

At ALSOFT we are committed to our customers. As an online marketing company or an SEO company, we offer our customers 24/7 SEO services support which we feel is the crux of every SEO marketing campaign as the website & the internet never sleeps. Monitoring is done on search engine marketing round the clock – regardless of holidays, time of day or anything else. It is for this reason that we are considered the best for search engine optimization and we help your website surge ahead in google ranking as well as other search engine rankings.

Come try out our services today & you will be the ultimate gainer in terms of a splendid business growth.