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Everything about brochure design service

Brochures are defined as an inevitable marketing tool and its position in the course of traditional marketing is certainly significant. Even in this digital era, brochures are treated as an active marketing method. And with the help of advanced graphic designs, brochures now work as a tool to attract the attention of the consumers. Therefore, it is important for a brochure to possess a good design to be accepted by the customers. A good brochure design contains the features of a specific product, questions that the potential customers may have and maybe a little history about the company. However, designing a sleek brochure with keeping all the requirements intact can be something quite difficult and this is why you need professional help of the brochure design services.
Moreover, company brochure design services offer different types of brochure to meet all of your requirements. Some of the most accepted types of brochure design are provided below.

Bi-fold Brochure

Bi-fold or half-fold brochures are the simplest form of brochures to exist. This only requires a piece of paper folded in half. This consists of two panels with front and back covers.

Tri-fold Brochure

Tri-fold brochures have three panels and are created by folding twice. The standard size of a tri-fold brochure is 8.5″ × 11″. However, the sizes can always be customized. Especially, when you consider ALSOFT brochure design service.

Z-fold Brochure

Z-fold brochures are created by dividing a single sheet of paper into three parts. As the brochure looks like a “Z”, it has been named as Z-fold brochure. The standard size for Z-fold is 8.5” X 11”. These types of brochures are usually used for product presentation.

Leaflet/Flyer Design

Leaflets and flyers are two of the most popular methods of marketing in traditional marketing. These are used as a mean of digital marketing now-a-days as well. Therefore, designing an attractive leaflet or flyer can grab the attention of your prospect quite easily.

Gate-fold Brochure

Gate-fold brochures, also known as window-fold brochure are similar to tri-fold brochures. However, the only difference is that the left and the right compartment holds the same size while the middle compartment holds the combined size of the two.

French fold Brochure

French fold divides a piece of paper into four parts. the standard size for a French fold brochure is 8.5” x 14”. These types of brochures are usually used for maps, invitations to various events and for heavy designs.

ALSOFT's Creative Brochure design portfolio

Browsing our best Brochure design service portfolio will help you in understanding the quality of our services better. Click the browse portfolio button now to view more of our work!

Steps of ALSOFT’s brochure design service

ALSOFT’s brochure design service is enriched with some skilled and creative brochure design experts, who are capable of providing you with your dream like brochure within the provided deadline. Our company brochure design will help you in representing your company and your aims professionally and efficiently. We offer you full-customisation within an affordable price range. Therefore, considering the assistance of ALSOFT’s brochure design will only bring you benefits. We follow a streamlined process to create the best brochure for you. The steps of ALSOFT’s brochure design service if discussed below,


The very first step consists of discussing the project with the clients. A detailed discussion helps us in knowing the requirements of our clients as well as understanding their targeted audiences and preferences.


Upon completing the discussion, ALSOFT’s designers start their own research. This process also include deciding on the brochure template. If the client does not have a specific requirement for the template, we decide on that based on the purpose of the brochure.


The third step of the process includes working on the design. Our capable designers keep the requirements and quality in their consideration for each of our projects. This is why ALSOFT’s brochure design service is unmatched.


Once our design is completed, we send a sample to the clients. ALSOFT values feedback and we seek constructive criticism to make the design even better. Our client’s feedback helps in delivering as good design as possible.


The fifth step of the process is to make necessary changes according to the client’s review. We try our best to change as much as possible and make the outcome satisfactory.


The last step is to deliver the final result. ALSOFT offers the best brochure design by working with you directly. There is no gap in our designing procedure that can disappoint you. Hence, you get the best results when you opt for ALSOFT’s brochure design Kolkata service.

Why should you choose ALSOFT’s brochure design service?

Trendy Design

ALSOFT always keeps up with the latest trends so that your brochures never feel out of place. Our brochure design service deliver you with the trendiest brochure designs for attracting your customers like never before.

Skilled Designers

Our skilled designers understand your requirements and produce brochures that perfectly align with your purpose. Without any loopholes they provide you with multiple samples to choose from.


We never forget the primary agenda of a brochure, which is to be read. Hence, we especially focus on the readability of the brochure for your customers to give it a read by become intrigued with your products or services.


Even though ALSOFT’s company brochure design oozes luxury, our prices are very affordable. You also get a 24/7 assistance in the time of your need. Contact us to know about our services in details.

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