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ALSOFT’s business card design service

Business cards are not merely a piece of paper containing your contact details, it also works as the very first impression of your business to your potential clients and shareholders. Thus, possessing business cards with unique designs and features can help you in impressing your potential clients, which can later drive towards conversion.
ALSOFT is one of the very few companies that understands the importance of a business card as a first impression tool. Hence, we provide one of the best and professional business card design service that you can even think of. Moreover, our business card designs consists of a wide range of variety. Some of the most popular types of designs are discussed below,

Classic business card design

Classic business card designs are the simplest form of a business card; however, the charm lies in its simplicity only. These types of business cards contain a simple business card design and a little to no decoration. Using a premium quality of paper along with attractive fonts usually makes up for less decorative elements.

Wild format business cards design

Wild format business cards are usually the most creative ones to exist. This type of professional business card design are bound to steal the deserving attention. These type of cards usually possess a unique design or a unique cut that holds all the needed information in the right place.

Social networker business cards design

Social networker business card consists of the communicating habits of a social-networker. It does not have the traditional contact details, such as phone number and address rather it contains email, website link, link to Facebook or twitter page and more.

Gadget business cards design

Gadget business cards are certainly quite hard to create. These types of business cards usually transform into something creative, which develops a positive impression. Clean business card design with a nice creative touch is certainly a winner.

Typographic business cards design

While all type of business cards are considered of using typography. Typographic business cards are usually the ones that use typography as a design feature. It makes the overall appearance of the card and makes it look simple yet appealing.

ALSOFT's Business Card design portfolio

Browsing our Business card design portfolio will help you in understanding the quality of our services better. Click the browse portfolio button now to view more of our work!

ALSOFT’s business card design process

ALSOFT follows a streamlined process for designing each and every of business card efficiently. Hence, our business cards design never fail to satisfy our clients. We have discussed the process in detail in the following section for you to understand our approach in a better manner.


The very first step of business cards design process is associated with discussing the project with the clients. During this process, we collect all the important piece of information from you as well as understand your requirements.


Upon understanding our client’s preferences and requirements we start our own research. We collect designing features that will go perfectly with the overall theme and appearance of your business.


In the third step of the process, we start working on the design. Our clean business card designs do not only offer a pleasant visual representation but also includes a good amount of readability, which certainly works for your benefit.


After completing the designs, we send samples to the clients and wait for their review. We always go for more than one design so that the clients have options to choose from. Moreover, we always accept reviews and try our best to change as much as possible.


The fifth step of this process is to change the business cards design as per the review of the clients. We make changes consciously and try to satisfy the clients as much as possible.


The sixth and last step of the process is to deliver the final results with efficiency. We directly work with you and deliver you with a satisfactory result within the provided deadline. Our simple business card design reflect our quality of work.

Importance of good business cards design

First Impression

Business cards work as the perfect tool to create a positive first impression. Along with your contact details a business card with good design impresses your prospects or potential clients. With ALSOFT’s business card design Kolkata, you are bound to gain the upper hand.

As a Marketing Tool

When it comes to traditional marketing, business cards hold quite a lot of importance. Sharing business cards meaning having a chance of meeting the potential clients in person and that is what makes having an impressive business cards design crucial.

Emphasizing Your Business

A good business card design, directly and indirectly, emphasizes on the authenticity of your business. Hence, consulting and considering with ALSOFT’s business card design service will be helping you in taking a step ahead in authenticating your business.

Necessary for some cultures

Exchanging business cards are a mode of establishing business relationship in many nations, such as Hong Kong and Japan. You are more likely to hear back from a client if you have exchanged business cards and your card has been able to impress them. Thus, if your business is beyond domestic barrier, you certain need business cards with impressive designs.

More visible than an email

A detailed email with important information regarding your products and services are always useful but only when those are opened. However, a business card can always stay on a table or in a purse or anywhere in the line of sight of your prospects. Thus, if your card has an eye-catching design, it may benefit you more than an email can.

Affordable and Easy

The Business Cards always comes handy when establishing a business relationship. It is also one of the most affordable methods of promoting your business. It quite easy to carry business cards with you all the time as well. ALSOFT’s business card design in Kolkata service offers you premium business card design under a very competitive pricing structure.

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