Definition and types of Letterhead design service

Letterheads are a part of stationery that is a sheet of paper consisting of company’s or organization’s name, contact details, logo and more. Letterheads are a great way of enhancing brand-identity. Just like business cards, letterheads can also be effective in implementing a positive first impression to your clients and customer. Hence, it is important for your letterhead to possess a professional letterhead design, so that it signifies your company’s authenticity perfectly.
Letterheads are used for multiple purposes. These purposes can include, business letters, invoices to customers, cover letter for company’s proposals, job letters to employees and so on. Therefore, there are different types of letterhead designs that are offered by the letterhead design services. ALSOFT is one of the companies to offer letterhead design in Kolkata. Different types of letterhead designs offered by ALSOFT are provided below,

Company Letterhead Design

Company Letterhead Design

Company letterhead design are done keeping in the mind the overall theme of the company. It usually consists of the company logo, contact details, address, and the company name. These type of letterhead designs usually have a simple minimalist background without much decoration.

Doctor Letterhead Design
Doctor Letterhead Design

Doctor letterhead design is the type of letterhead that is used for medical certificates and prescriptions. These letterheads are consisted of the name of the doctor, a Caduceus medical symbol, the contact details of the doctor and the address of clinic/hospital.

School Letterhead Design
School Letterhead Design

The name of the letterhead design is quite self-explanatory. School letterhead designs include the official school logo, the motto or slogan of the school, contact details, address and website with a very simple and professional background.

Real-estate Letterhead Design
Real-estate Letterhead Design

Real-estate letterheads can be simple yet attractive with a bit of decoration. The contact details of the company, along with address and logo should be there. The background of the letterhead can be either transparent or colourful.

Restaurant Letterhead Design
Restaurant Letterhead Design

Restaurant letterheads are often associated with creative letterhead design. These can include the name and logo of the restaurant, some decorations indicating food and beverages, the website and the contact details.

ALSOFT's Letterhead Design Portfolio

Browsing our Letterhead design portfolio will help you in understanding the quality of our services better. Click the browse portfolio button now to view more of our work!

ALSOFT’s best letterhead design service

ALSOFT has been a bright name in designing industry. We have been providing letterhead design in Kolkata for a decade now. We ensure our clients with the best letterhead design upon understanding their requirements, their business as well as their targeted audience.
We implement a step-by-step process for initiating a fast and error-less designing process. The process of designing letterheads undertaken by ALSOFT are discussed below,


The first step of ALSOFT’s letterhead designing process is associated with deciding on the content with the clients. With the clients we discuss on the details they want on their letterhead along with their preferences on design.


In the second step of the process, we start our own research. Our research usually start from the brand guidelines. Going through the brand guidelines helps us in understanding our client’s brand value, company voice and tone, as well as the colour scheme.


The third step is to choose a font and layout. Choosing the right font and layout is necessary. We usually choose fonts that are used in the company website for emphasizing its brand identity even more. However, we mostly go for the font that look the best. And layouts are often decided by the client themselves.


In the fourth step of the process, we start our designing work. As per the discussion with the clients, we start designing. Our skilled designers create more than one samples for making it easy for the clients to choose from.


After completing designing task, we send the samples to the clients for them to choose the best one. We also collect reviews from them and try to understand the changes they need. We make the changes and for providing our clients with a satisfactory result.


The last step of the process is to deliver the final results. We make sure that the results come out professional and immaculate. So that our clients have no disappoint with ALSOFT’s letterhead design service.

Why should you seek ALSOFT’s letterhead design service?

ALSOFT’s letterhead design service has never disappointed anyone. Our skilled designers make sure to meet each of your requirement to present you with a professional letterhead design. Our company letterhead designs have always been successful in gaining a positive reaction from our client’s clients. However, there are many more benefits that you can gain here with our creative letterhead design service. Some of the advantages associated with our service are presented below,

Simple and Professional Design Simple and Professional Design

The letterheads that ALSOFT designs are always simple yet professional. We never make letterheads or any stationery too much flashy or colourful that it looses its professionalism. Our designs are always attractive, catchy, and enough to gain the attention of your clients.

Timely Delivery of Tasks Timely Delivery of Tasks

When you opt for ALSOFT’s letter design in Kolkata, you find that there is absolutely no delay in task completion. If we need an extension due to any unexpected circumstances, we let our clients know beforehand. Other than that, you will always find your project completed within time.

No Compromise with Quality No Compromise with Quality

No matter how much of an urgency you have and how short of a deadline we are provided with, we never compromise with the overall quality of letterhead design. We work under a strict process to make sure we are meeting every design requirement while designing the letterhead with utmost efficiency.

Reasonable Costs Reasonable Costs

ALSOFT is one of the very few companies to provide an affordable service for letterhead design in Kolkata. Our pricing structure is constructed in a way that it has reasonable prices for large companies, small and medium sized companies as well as freelancing units.

Serving Every Industry Serving Every Industry

There is hardly any industry in the plain that ALSOFT doesn’t serve. The same goes for the letterhead design service as well. No matter which industry your company belongs to, we have a creative letterhead design for you.

Interested already? Then you might want to see more. For accessing ALSOFT's full-length letterhead design portfolio you only need to click on the browse portfolio button. Do it right away!

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